Our Legacy

We produce and distribute the best and freshest berries grown in Mexico.

Full of big dreams, our visionary partners discovered the perfect place and time to let inspiration propel them across the Mexican land. Thus, Berries Paradise® was born. The sun shone on our founders’ momentous ideas in 2008 when they decided to integrate production and distribution, bringing our special harvests to the world.

Their passion and dedication have transformed Berries Paradise® into the prominent berry producer and marketing enterprise it is today. At Berries Paradise®, each of us dedicates our hearts to preserving the brilliant vision and values of our founders. This fervor propels us to continue growing and innovating, showcasing to the world just how special our berries truly are.

We are driven by our people, who make us flourish.


To produce and distribute berries through sustainable and food-safe processes, while promoting the growth and well-being of each and every one of our partners and associates.


To become a leading berry-supplying company in international markets, renowned for the quality and wholesomeness of both its products and services.


  • Respect: Treat everyone as we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Honesty: Let our words match our actions and perform our daily activities impeccably.
  • Teamwork: Accomplish our goals through equal participation and by helping each other.
  • Improvement: Plan, do, confirm, and act. Because there is always room for improvement.



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