Introducing Berries Paradise’s New Eco Friendly Blueberry Packaging coming soon to a main Retailer in Mexico.

Sustainable Choices, Delightful Results: 100% Recyclable.

We introduce our latest eco-friendly blueberry packaging, a proud reflection of our commitment to sustainability. Crafted from sustainable certified sources, this 6oz packaging guarantees not only the quality of our product but also reflects our commitment to the planet’s well-being. Made from 100% recyclable materials, Berries Paradise® ensures that when you indulge in our delicious blueberries, you contribute to reducing waste and keeping the environment clean.

The transparent film of the packaging is made from cellulose, a natural and renewable resource. This cellulose film not only enhances the durability ideal for blueberry packaging but also acts as a natural preserver. It ensures that the freshness and quality of our blueberries reach you in impeccable condition, showcasing our dedication to both eco-friendliness and the delightful blueberry experience. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability extends to the use of solar panels, recycled clamshells, and organic products in our processes, further enhancing our eco-friendly initiatives.

After making a splash in Mexico, we’re excited to bring these exceptional offerings to other markets, marking a global commitment to a cleaner, greener planet. For a taste of sustainability and the finest blueberries, choose Berries Paradise— For inquiries or more information, contact us at

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