We are growers

We grow, pack, and market with a passion for nature knowing that the most outstanding berries are grown in fields filled with love.

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Every day more and more of us surrender our hearts to the land.

Together, we ensure that the berries on the tables of all the families we serve in the world have been harvested by growers who share a strong commitment to the environment and have complied with food safety practices intended to maintain our exacting quality standards.

Being a part of the great Berries Paradise® family means that we support and help all our growers with the aid of our technical and food safety advisory team. Together under the same production model, we take the most outstanding and safe berries from our fields to the world, ensuring growth for every one of our commercial partners through innovation and renewable technologies.

Our work is focused on sustainable progress, respectful of the environment, prioritizing the safety of our fruits and offering the best working conditions for our employees.

Food Safety

Product quality and safety is our highest priority. Our safety coordinators are constantly updated on the latest standards in Good Agricultural Practices and Organic Schemes. This accredits that our production processes are prepared to reduce the risk of contamination from:

  • Pesticide Residues
  • Heavy Metals
  • Physical and Microbiological Agents

Fair Labor Conditions

Every day we work to prevent child labor. We encourage formal employment in the regions where we operate by providing dignified working conditions, humane treatment, and fair remuneration.

Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems provide the proper amount of water exactly when plants need it, to avoid any waste of our natural resources.

Solar Panels

Our coolers are powered by solar panels; a source of clean, sustainable, renewable, and endless energy. This technology helps us care for the environment as it generates zero emissions and no noise while reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Caring for Bees

Our fields are populated by Aphis mielifera bees. To preserve them, we maintain wild plant species that provide bees a safe home in our fields, where we have implemented plant and wildlife-friendly practices.

Our Fields

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