Organizational structure

Berries Paradise is made up of a diverse group of collaborators. Each one of us that make up the operational base, administration, and direction, know perfectly each of the action items that need to be done so that you can take home the best berries.

We know our responsibility and know that our work has value, which is reflected in a quality product, made with love and dedication.

Relationship with producers

The most important thing for Berries Paradise is the human value put into everything we do.

This is why we are very strict at the moment of making up the Berries Paradise producers team, we look for excellent people and human beings that wish to be an addition to our family of producers committed to producing berries of the highest quality and in compliance with the Good Agriculture Practices.

In exchange, our committment as Berries Paradise is with the producers, by contributing to their growth and quality. We do what we can so that this is parallel to human values, with an excellent atmosphere and in harmony with our planet.

We contribute so that our producers are distinguished for growing and developing as people, farmers, businessmen, and members of a community, standing out for having disposition to receive advice, and producing under the same Berries Paradise agricultural-technological philosophy.

In Berries Paradise we seek to build the foundation to long term relationships for both parts, throughout a period of 7 years, with an option to renew the committment with our group.

In Exchange, the producers have better access to revenues for the fruit, knowledge, and technical advice, close to their needs, finance, and ability to harvest, plant and tunnel, besides other additional benefits.


In Berries Paradise, we recognize the importance of having a well organized team at every level. Therefore, we invest in keeping our different areas 100% informed of the tasks each one should perform. In the case of the harvesters, each group has a leader of the team. This leader is in charge of training the members of the team in techniques for handling berries and Good Agricultural Practices. This is in order to ensure that the products that reach your table are of the highest quality, in flavor and appearance, as well as in nutritional value.