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Not all raspberries are created the same way, and in Berries Paradise we know this perfectly. This is why we have searched for the best existing varieties in the world to bring them to your table. In Berries Paradise we have decided to produce and sell three of the richest varieties, worthy of the most demanding palates. We have «Adelita» and «Lupita», raspberries that come from Spain.

The first one is known for its attractive flavor and firmness, while the second one has the same qualities, plus a bright color. «Himbo Top», the third variety, has a form that gives it a special beauty, as well as a bright red color.

These qualities make the «Himbo Top» a favorite in the European markets. As you can see, the varieties we grow in Berries Paradise are world-class, delicious, with bright colors, delicate textures, and firm all at once. Our raspberries will give your beverages and foods a special flavor, and a beautiful appearance when used as decorations in desserts or other dishes.