Our Fields

Our lands

At Berries Paradise, we firmly believe that our greatest wealth as a company is in the land we have chosen for our fruit. A tough search in different latitudes brought us to this prodigious land. Berries Paradise has located their crops in central-western Mexico, and counts with their own land in the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, and Colima. The soil where we are located is nourished by a mild climate that allows us to grow and harvest almost all year long, which is a competitive advantage against producers of the north and south of the continent. This, in addition to the closeness we have with the number one consumer in the world market, United States, translates to a window of opportunity and an advantage in the growing participation in the international market.

Our heart of expert growers has guided our daily activities not only to produce the best berries in Mexican ground, but to also take care of the land where they come from. By doing this, we search for ways to carry out Good Agricultural Practices so that this land continues giving life.

Trust in our qualified technicians team