Berries Paradise History

We are a mexican company established in 2008, as a result of bringing together efforts and resources from Mexican and Chilean partners. Berries Paradise produces and sells blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries of the highest quality. Our berries are produced mainly in our own fields, in order to have better control over the whole production process.

Our strategy is oriented to place our brand Berries Paradise as one of the best available brands in the markets that we participate in: United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, etc. The size, flavor, consistency, and appearance of our fruit are the main traits that are constantly improved and supervised.

As a difference between other export companies, we only sell our own fruit and from a small group of producers who accept to use the same standards for investment and quality, besides having national and international certificates that are demanded by the market. (SENASICA, GlobalGAP, TESCO).

In Berries Paradise we have over 400 hectares of our own crops which allow us to offer more than one million 2.04 kg boxes for the 12/13 season, beginning at mid-September and finishing around June. Our production is distributed in blackberry (30%), blueberry (50%) and raspberry (20%).

We are a social and environmentally responsible company, since we generate many jobs in rural areas meeting working standards and trying to reduce environmental impacts to our productive activity.

Berries Paradise is a successful company that has the capacity to build partnerships, and provide internally 70% of the products it sells. We also have the capacity of shipping our products to the international market. This is why we are focused on production and quality of fresh blueberries for selling in the national and international markets. Equally, we have productive blackberry and raspberry varieties, and the way we commercialize distinguishes us from our rivals. Our goal is to keep a stable production of 1.5 million boxes annually between these last two fruits. We seek to balance this volume with an ambitious growth program for blueberries. As we have mentioned, Berries Paradise today is ready for competing internationally, with a solid organization and logistics that places us firmly in the international market.