Food Safety

Product traceability

At Berries Paradise we put in every carton box and clamshell, a tracking sticker tag which includes the following information:


In Berries Paradise we have Food Safety Audits for the field such as Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and for storage facilities or coolers we are graded with PrimusGFS (Global Food Safety). These audits are annual.


The pesticides we use in Berries Paradise are the ones allowed by the National Health Service, Safety, and Agricultural-food Quality (SENASICA), as well as the international agencies of the countries where we export our products.


We use deep well water and it is analyzed regularly. We make sure the water´s quality is suitable for the crop, always taking care of its inherent qualities such as neutral PH, low salt contents, and the least content of fertilizer. Which means clean, non-polluting water.


In Berries Paradise we are committed to:

Pollution by strange objects

In the procedure that follows the arrival of the fruit to the storage facility, 100% of the clamshells are inspected. This way we prevent berries from taking polluting elements which will put the rest of the fruit at risk, as well as the health of our consumers.

Quality assurance

In Berries Paradise we have PrimusGAP certifications in our fields, and PrimusGFS in our storage facilities. This allows us to offer our distributors and final consumers the guaranteed quality that distinguishes Berries Paradise.

Trust in our qualified technicians team