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Tips for selecting, handling, and preserving

In order to choose the best blueberries, the first thing you should do is turn the clamshell upside down without opening, look inside the box from the bottom, and check if they are in good condition, without obvious signs of dehydration. You must check that the blueberries look even, as well as look fresh. Berries Paradise suggests that once you have berries in your home and you want to preserve them, you should keep in mind the following tips.

The first one is to keep the blueberries inside the clamshell, which you should keep in the refrigerator┬┤s shelves or door; never in the vegetable drawer. It is necessary, prior to eating, to rinse gently with clean water. Do not wash the blueberries before storing them, as water can make them sick and cause an earlier decomposition.

The third tip you should follow is, if you wish to extend the storage for using them later on, it is convenient to freeze them while they are still fresh. That way, blueberries will be ready to be used in shakes, smoothies, or any other way you wish. In Berries Paradise we recommend you eat them fresh, since this way they keep their delicate flavor and nutritional qualities almost intact.