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Health benefits

As you can imagine, a careful and strict production process such as ours is focused on delivering delicious blueberries. These are great news, since each day we are in more risk of suffering diseases that are preventable through healthy eating and a stress-free lifestyle. Regarding this, children´s health must be a part of our goal, as a company committed to society, we are in charge of their well-being. As we are responsible for children´s health and nutrition, it is important to educate children to have healthier daily habits. Since blueberries have a delicious flavor and are easily eaten, they are fun and appealing to children, besides being one of the healthiest fruits provided by nature.

To have an idea of the benefits contained in these small fruits, their antioxidants decrease memory loss, restore motor skills, and have a positive impact in internal body balance. But let us take a more detailed look into what makes blueberries such a good fruit. First of all, it is a fruit that stands out for being antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Blueberries protect our teeth 58% from bacteria, preventing cavities caused by foods that contain high amounts of sugar. By replacing foods such as candy, bread, or energy bars with little nutritional value, for Berries Paradise blueberries, you are keeping your family healthy while preventing obesity and caring for their dental health.

Research shows that blueberries, because of their high antioxidant properties, contribute to preventing some types of cancer. Other benefits include the prevention of coronary diseases and delaying the aging process. Due to their hippuric acid content, blueberries relieve infection symptoms and reduce the need for antibiotics. It has been demonstrated that blueberries also protect and strengthen capillary vessels and walls.