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Berries Paradise blueberries belong to the «Biloxi» variety, and are known for having high levels of «Brix» degrees, which results in delicious and crispy fruit. The «Biloxi» variety is not easy to grow, but at Berries Paradise our commitment is to offer only the best, so we have focused on creating amazing fruit. Our «Biloxi» blueberries have a delicious and sweet flavor, large size, and a firm and crunchy texture. The result is a world-class blueberry, from the fields straight to your table.

But how do we achieve this? First of all, blueberries need a period of chilling in order to bloom evenly. The tunnels in our fields protect our crops from harsh weather, keeping appropriate temperatures and ideal conditions for ripening in a timely manner. Harvest season begins in late October and ends in July. During this period, we harvest several times between intervals of 8 to 10 days, and collecting the berries is done exclusively manual.

This is how we guarantee the best selection and quality, complying with specific features of a fruit for direct consumption and export. For this reason, we only choose the best fruit based on appearance, size, and flavor. After the harvest, Berries Paradise blueberries fulfill a thorough quality control process, are palletized, and transported, all the way to your table.