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Tips for selecting, handling, and preserving

Learning to recognize the best blackberries is easy, just follow these tips from Berries Paradise. This fruit must look black 85% or more, and not be dripping, the clamshell should not have juice from the blackberry. The optimal conditions for their preservation include keeping them inside the clamshell and putting them in the fridge with a temperatura between 3 and 6 degrees Celsius. We recommend putting them in the shelves inside the fridge, and avoid the vegetable drawer, since humidity conditions vary in this area of the refrigerator.

Storing them in the fridge immediately after being purchased, will allow the blackberries to keep their freshness. On the other hand, we recommend washing them only before eating, since wetting them and storing them in the fridge will make them decompose earlier. An option for having fruit off season is freezing it. If you do so, we suggest defrosting it only before using it for food and beverages. Berries Paradise recommends eating them while they are fresh, since fruit keeps their nutritional benefits in this condition.