Berry Delivery

Harvest by hand in the field

Berries are the most delicate fruits that exist in nature. For this reason, harvesting by hand is an imperative action, to maintain the quality of our fruit at 100%. To achieve this, we comply strictly with the Agricultural Best Practices, where the Compliance of our staff and avoid excessive movement of the product. The fruit is taken to a storage facility that is protected from outdoors and bad weather. There is a storage facility for each 2.5 hectares of raspberry and blackberry, and one facility for each 1.5 hectares of blueberry.

Quality inspection

In Berries Paradise we have a quality area dedicated to inspect, qualify, and certify that all of our products comply with the required standards. This is how Berries Paradise makes sure that our fruit reaches your table in the best condition as possible. In these storage facilities, the amount and quality of the fruit is registered, as well as accurate information of who grew it and in which section of the field it came from. This way, the fruit that passes the inspection is identified with a receiving number and is entered in the inventory, the information remains in the plastic packaging. Next, each clamshell is weighed one by one, with the purpose of showing the net weight of what is declared in the tag. These are put in carton boxes, known as «palletization», meaning one single load with many carton boxes in one pallet, in order to optimize transporting logistics.

Taken to an optimal temperature

Once the receiving and quality inspection process is finished, the next step is precooling the fruit. To do so, the boxes are picked up by trucks that make regular routes to each facility. These vehicles have small refrigeration chambers, where the fruit is taken from the fields to the coolers. There, berries are taken into a forced air chamber with the purpose of reducing the energy of the recently picked fruit. The product must be stabilized between 0 and 1 degrees Celsius, which will guarantee a longer shelf life in the distribution center and at the final consumer´s home. Once it has been verified that the whole pallet has reached an even temperature, the berries are stored in a preservation chamber where it awaits to be transported to the market.

Packed for shipping/transporting

In the palletization process, the fruit is prepared to be shipped to the market in a safe way. When palletized, berries are arranged in a way that they are protected, preventing excessive movements that may damage its quality. This guarding technique also works for making transportation costs decrease, and not increase the price of the fruit. This is important because as these are quality Export products, our berries have the potential to reach different places in three continents. What we do is assemble unit loads in wooden or plastic pallets that will be put in plastic or wooden corners, adjusted with polypropylene tape (strapping) to prevent the load from moving. This way, the finished pallet is taken to the preservation chamber, where they are kept in a temperature between 0 and 1 degrees Celsius, with the purpose of keeping the fruit in optimal conditions since it is being loaded, all the way to its destination.

Fresh arrival to the selling point

We are careful that all containers traveling by land, air or sea, have the correct physical conditions, as well as refrigeration equipment in good condition. For example, trailers with refrigeration go through strict inspections where the equipment is tested and each box is checked to be clean and not have cracks in the internal thermic seal. We do a seven point inspection in each reefer.

We put thermal chart recorders to monitor the temperature at all times, from the moment it is loaded at the Berries Paradise platform, until it arrives to each client´s distribution center. The transportation vehicles in which we transport the fruit have everything that might be needed. The most typical one is by land, in which we arrive to the United States and inside Mexico. We also ship fruit by air from Guadalajara and Mexico City, to Japan and countries of the European Union, such as the United Kingdom. Around the pallet, plastic sleeves are placed that contain a frozen gel-pack at a temperatura of -23 degrees Celsius. These are placed in the pallet that has been previously chilled and stabilized at 0 to 1 degrees Celsius.

Our distributors have the required infrastructure to keep the product in optimal conditions. This process has been designed so that Berries Paradise arrives delicious and crispy until it reaches the final consumer´s table. In the case of the blueberry, its nature allows it to make trans-oceanic trips between Mexico and Europe, as well as Japan. For blueberries, Berries Paradise uses 40 feet refrigerating containers, conditioned with a controlled atmosphere technology, that allows the fruit to get to the final customer as if it were just harvested.