Berries Paradise Agreement

As a fruit producer and exporter company, at Berries Paradise we know the need and importance of being in direct contact with groups from our sector. But not only in the commercial aspect, but also in quality, and certification that gives solidity to our brand and products.

First, we are related to the PMA (Produce Marketing Association), and ANEBERRIES (National Association of Berries Exporters of Mexico). In the United States we are members of the North Bay Produce Inc., with which we keep a close and productive relationship in that country. This is a union based in Traverse City, Michigan, made up of producers of which Berries Paradise is a member. There is something more than a commercial relationship with them, since as a group we elevate the values of word and honor, and we see our distributors as part of our family. This is why we are focused on keeping long term and successful relationships with all of those who we have contact with, and where we have a privileged product receiving area.

Besides, we have commercial agreements with many self-service chains in different latitudes, such as Japan, United Kingdom, Russia, and of course Mexico.